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I'd like to start using a CSS pre-processor to cut down development time. Which one of these is the fastest from this perspective?

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What do you mean by fastest?

Transform time doesn't matter, since it must be done on compile-time, not on runtime. Ideally, pre-CSS files must not even be published on the server. You should transform them to CSS, test if the web application works as expected (including in staging environment), and then publish the CSS files. If you don't have a choice and the conversion from pre-CSS to CSS is done on runtime, it must be severely cached to be done only once and kept until the original stylesheets are changed.

If by fastest, you mean fastest to write code for you, there is no way to answer this question objectively.

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fastest programming time – katie Aug 26 '12 at 12:47
@katie: again, we can't possibly know what it better/faster/awesomer for you, and if that was your question, I'll vote for closing it as not constructive. – MainMa Aug 26 '12 at 12:52

I'm not sure which will be fastest for you (only you can answer that, by getting familiar with each) but I found a good comparison of sass and less syntax here:

I much prefer sass, but I know people who swear by less. And I've never heard of stylus.

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