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I'm interested in learning the theory behind facial recognition software so that I can hopefully implement it in the future. Not just face tracking, but being able to recognize individuals. What papers, books, libraries, or source is available so that I can learn more about the subject? I have found libface which seems to use eigenfaces for recognition. If there are any practitioners out there, please share any information that you can.

Edit: I found a good post on the subject here.

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I did a little research on this recently. The key technology seems to be "wavelets", which are related to fourier transforms. There are a bunch of patents relating to specific techniques, so it's a minefield if you're just interested in doing your own work for commercial applications. There are a lot of generic wavelet toolkits available to play with.

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Thanks for the answer, although it seems that I've violated the QA format. –  Zintinio Sep 8 '12 at 0:20

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