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I know c, most of c++, a little assembly, win32 console, etc

I'm looking for free, cross-platform, c / c++, emulator, etc.

I'm a beginner to the mobile app world, so I'm lost.

Some that pop to mind on this list:

Airplay SDK, Aqua, BatteryTech, DragonFireSDK, IwGame Engine, Symbian, Windows Mobile

I don't want to use a API that is considered obsolete.

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You might be looking at wrong place. The cross-compatible mobile is not a straight out of the box implementation. There are limitations that should be considered (plugin support Flash, silverlight).

However, you may create mobile/tablet ready web-site which will be cross-platform compatible. There are number of HTML5/CSS3 tutorials that you may refer for quick start.

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I've made my own websites, but I'm seeking low level control, I want to make 3d applications, etc Should I just stick to desktop applications? You can put Ubuntu on the android, etc –  hit Sep 11 '12 at 1:43
did you looked as HTML5/CSS3 capabilities? they have some new features that may help. –  Yusubov Sep 11 '12 at 3:00

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