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Is there a certification for software project estimation which is recognized in the industry? I think I have fair experience in estimation. I would like to get a certification done which I can use my resume as highlight. Any pointers would be really helpful

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I would think a general project management course would be what you're after which would cover estimating all sorts of areas. I'm not sure there would be a software specific one.. –  Simon Whitehead Sep 12 '12 at 5:34
I would agree with you that Estimation is covered in Proj Mgmt courses. But I have heard of people who specialize in software estimation. They are expert estimators. I was wondering if there was any certification available which I can crack. why down voting? –  ViSu Sep 13 '12 at 8:22
As it stands now, this question is best suited to a search engine. Stack Exchange sites are best used for questions that are about some practical problem that must be solved. Searching for "software project management certifications" and "software project estimation certifications" will probably yield some results, and only individual companies (and perhaps HR professionals or recruiters) can answer which certifications (if any) are in demand and would stand out on your resume. –  Thomas Owens Sep 14 '12 at 23:35
I came across a certification called CFPS which is conducted by IFPUG link –  ViSu Feb 26 at 6:12
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In Agile methodologies, and most recent planned methodologies I can recall, estimation is a team wide activity. There are various project manager training courses and certifications, but I would watch for one that was independently accredited. It might be worth a second thought before choosing to certify with approaches based on planned methodologies if you expect to work with Agile teams (or the other way around).

SLIM is a method invented by Putnam after working at GE and other companies on DoD projects in the 1970's. SLIM is influential, and his company QSM offers a certification that seems to flow out of a tool that they make. Depending on whether your company has adopted their tool, it might have either no value or high value.

Steve McConnell (author of Code Complete) also wrote a book about software estimation, and his company Construx teaches two classes for PDU credits that are accredited through the Project Management Institute. I have his book, and if I wanted to learn about the topic via classroom training, I would probably pick Construx. They also do Scrum training and administer various scrum assessments accredited through Scrum.org.

Another source that could provide great academic training about software project estimation, would be Barry Boehm's group at USC, based on their extensive work on COCOMO and COSYSMO constructive cost modeling which has been used at NASA and other large contractors to estimate very large projects. I am not sure I am a true believer in COCOMO, but I like the empirical work they have done to correlate the effects of scale and cost drivers on schedule duration.

I also found a chapter from a textbook published by O'Reilly that briefly discusses major software estimation methods including Watts Humphreys PROBE and Kent Beck's planning game. PROBE includes a notion that engineers track metrics on their own productivity, then apply them to their assign part on new projects. Planning Game is very highly collaborative between developers and other stakeholders.

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Thanks for the reply DeveloperDon –  ViSu Jan 25 '13 at 7:40
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