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Alright, this question stems from the fact that there are very few online resources for learning JMF. The books that are available are quite old, some of them out of publication.
This question is an extension to my other question where asked I for the name of a book that I could use to learn JMF.
So, is there a major difference between JMF 1.0 and JMF 2.1.1?
Should I go ahead and buy a book that covers JMF 1.0?

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The FAQ you link to in your comment on your previous question has a release history with major changes. –  Mat Sep 16 '12 at 12:54
Went over them and I guess JMF 1.0 is wayyyy different from 2.1. JMF 2.1 has a lot more facilities for data capturing and so on which are absent in 1.0 –  Fasih Khatib Sep 16 '12 at 17:14
The problem is that there are no books for JMF 2.0 . There is only one by Dietel and Dietel and its like $150. –  Fasih Khatib Sep 16 '12 at 17:17
@Mat Even Java hasn't made tutorials available for JMF. It only has detailed tutorials for javax.sound. Do you know any site that will teach JMF from the basics? –  Fasih Khatib Sep 16 '12 at 17:51

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This is dot dot release contains new features and optimizations, including:

  • Improved RTP API,

  • Support for H.263/1998 (RFC 2429: RTP Payload Format for the 1998 Version of ITU-T Rec. H.263 Video) now can interoperate with Darwin based RTSP servers,

  • Direct Audio Renderer and Capturer,

  • Performance enhancements with new Java compilers,

  • JMF Customizer added to all JMF versions,

  • HTTPS, JAWT, UNC pathnames support,

  • Numerous bug fixes and optimizations.

Note the JMF 2.0 API was updated slightly to include improved RTP interfaces, but remains backward compatible with the old API. It is still known as the JMF 2.0 API, but is dated March 10th, 2001. The JMF 2.1.1 reference implementation is based on this new API.

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