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I am in search of either some in person, or online training that could take my coding to the next level.

I am looking to attack two specific areas:

  1. Javascript: While I have been getting by with javascript for three or four years, I still feel like it takes a back seat to my other programming. I use Jquery a lot but would prefer to be proficient in pure JS also.

  2. PHP: I feel pretty proficient at PHP but I know there is only room to improve. Here I am interested in something that can teach me the more advanced aspects of the language, improve my code writing and perhaps cover object oriented php in depth also.

I have looked into Netcom's training courses before but I can't tell if there advanced webmaster professional would be a good fit or not. Seems kind of like a force fed course but I am interested in it because I am looking for something in the one to two week range that is targeted at what I am looking for. I have zero experience with any type of online courses in terms of programming. It appears lots are available, but I am not sure on the quality.

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Online forums such as reddit/r/javascript will be helpful in staying updated. As far as the books are concerned, pick up some well books by Douglas Crockford or John Resig for JavaScript and Rasmus Lerdorf for PHP and read them. Since learning is a gradual process, keep revisiting the concepts in the book and read sections over and again. For JavaScript, I have posted a list of useful JavaScript programming resources here.

For seminars or video based tutoring, either Tekpub or Pluralsight is good. Keep in mind Pluralsight has more tutorials on Microsoft technologies. They have some good JavaScript tutorials as well. If you are considering just taking your general Software programming to the next level, I recommend seminars from companies such as Construx.

If you haven't read Code Complete by Steve McConnell & books by Robert C. Martin, I urge you to do it. To go further, investigate and study well known JavaScript / PHP libraries. I hope my answers hints you in the right direction.

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Since you already know the basics, the best way to "advance" your knowledge is to jump right in and start a pet project. For JavaScript, a good project could be a rich text editor or a syntax highlighter or a nice js game (pacman, tetris).

for php, its the same, set a goal like building a wordpress plugin, a drupal plugin and a bulletin board software.

believe me, no book, no matter how good or "advanced" it is, will replace the excellence you earn by building projects of your own.

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Look at official web-sites for recommendations first. They should have tutorials, video clips and more.

In addition to the official sources of information, there are some commercial paid subscriptions that are high in quality. There are some really good video resources in Tekpub and Pluralsight.

Personally i do prefer Pluralsight over Tekpub, because content of really interesting topics is very good and each month there are new additions with very good presenters.

You may also try free-trial of paid-subscription websites, sometimes they also have promotional offers to try their new coerces :)

Professional improvement by reading books. In most cases it is overlooked and not taken as serious as it should be. There are really very good, practical and highly rated software development books that do teach a reliable approach while building software. Their focus is NOT on a language or framework, there focus is on building reliable constructs and foundation for a successful software. As a reference to look - Best books for beginning programmers.

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