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Cocos2d-X is a game engine framework based on Cocos2d-iPhone, which consists of expanding supported platforms, with multiple choice of programming languages thats shares the same API structure.

What is be better Project Resource Organization and Structure at Cocos2d-X Development?

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In my opinion, to organize the resource depend on the type of your game, and the animation editor & UI editor and other tools you use.

I'm doing my first cocos2d-x project. Here is how I deal with the resources.

  • I'm using the texturepacker to generate the plists.
  • I'm using the lua script to transform my old UI description file to new ones, and define new data structures and writing new Readers which cocos2d-x can support (something like cocos builder).
  • Each UI has its own directory, including .plist, .layout (my own ui description file).

  • I put all the animations together into one directory, in which the same sprites may share the same animation.

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