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I'm planning to take 70-515 exam and I can't find any training kit for it from MS press at the moment. Therefore, I'm reading the book for 70-562 which covers framework 3.5. I would like to know if someone has taken 70-515 exam and knows if 70-562 training kit can be helpful for the exam 70-515. Are there any resources someone might like to suggest which can help me pass this exam? I would really appreciate any help.

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Transcender's Joshua Hester reported (about the beta version of this test):

71-515 (TS: Web Applications Development with .NET Framework 4): A warning for old-school Web developers — this is not your father’s ASP anymore, so forget what you learned from the 70-562 (TS: 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development). The 4.0 exam focuses heavily on ASP.NET MVC 2, JSON, LINQ, and jQuery. You might find some comfort in configuration settings and debugging options, but many of these aspects have changed in the .NET 4.0 as well, so you’ll need to review the changes thoroughly.

Note the differences between this and the 70-562. Transcender has claimed elsewhere that they will have test material in November, so it should be coming out soon. Update: Transcender now has a 70-515 for C# and one for VB as well.

"DotNetDawson" says to expect some jQuery:

All JavaScript interaction on the test is predominately jQuery based, so it’s definitely a great idea to make sure your class understands the basics of jQuery: selectors, binding events, and some basic functions (hide, show, toggling classes). I remember a question about script loading as well, so make sure they know the differences and purposes of Sys.require, defineScripts, and registerScript. It is possible that my test was unnaturally biased towards the jQuery based questions, and I “luckily” was not asked a number of Microsoft Ajax questions… as long as you can establish a good working knowledge of JavaScript and how to write it, your students should be able to weed out the unnatural answers to any JavaScript questions.

He claimed to use MeasureUp's practice test to help him pass.

Niall Merrigan has a 6-post series linked to the relevant MSDN docs. Make sure to cross check it with the official Microsoft overview.

Veteran certification authors Tony Northrup and Mike Snell will release a Microsoft training kit December 16th.

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My understanding is that the "training kits" won't be ready for several months more. For the .NET 4 items I've seen Dec 2010 and Mar 2011 dates.

I've passed both 562 and 515. Even if you know everything in the 562 training materials, for 515, you'll need to know LINQ, WCF and entity frameworks quite well.

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isn't entity framework covered in exam 70-516 which is about data access instead of 70-515? – Adeel Haider Nov 5 '10 at 11:01
@Adeel Haider: The Windows 98 certification had 50 questions on it. 35 dealt with Novell Netware. It's not unlikely that EF/LINQ are covered in both exams. – Joel Etherton May 31 '11 at 13:15

I took the Beta (and Passed) Version of this exam and would advise you to definetly study more than just the 70-562 material. While there is some of that on the exam, there is a lot of JSON, OData, MVC 2-ish, JQuery, LINQ material on the exam (not that the official study guide wouldn't tell you the same thing, I'm just telling you to believe them). While you don't have to be expert on those technologies to pass the exam, you need to at least be comfortable with the principles and the syntax.

To those people posting links to braindump websites, those sites are cheating and extremely devalue certifications of all types (not just Microsofts). I personally take the exams as a compentency target to strive for when learning new material/technologies since I don't always get to use the latest and greatest at my day job and they provide a good reference point to get my skill level to. I also usually read more than just the test prep books, find some of the better quality books on the technology from the good publishers and read those as well, it makes the test easier because of the extra background knowledge and helps get a deeper understanding of the material you are suppose to be knowledgable of since you have the certification.

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Although this is a rather old question, hopefully my answer will benefit everyone who reached this page like I did. I passed 70-562 last year and I was looking for a similar answer.

Below is what Tony Northup himself - author of both self-paced training kits - has to say about it:

The 70-515 Training Kit was based on the 70-562 manuscript, so you’ll recognize quite a bit of it. If you’ve already worked through the 70-562 TK, I’d tell you to skip 70-515 and spend a week working with jQuery, LINQ to Entities, Dynamic Data Projects, and every aspect of MVC.

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