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I've just inherited a code base that makes extensive use of SAP technologies. The project is written in C# if that makes a difference. I'm having trouble finding resources for learning more about SAP. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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SAP is the world market leader in enterprise resource planning, i.e. generic but highly customizable software that supports business processes such as HR, accounting, inventory and invoicing.

There are APIs for the SAP ERP modules that your app may be using, but SAP also has their own app server platform called NetWeaver - maybe your app is based on that.

The SAP help portal and the SAP community network seem to be the main online resources for technical information about SAP products, but they do have a reputation for being hard to approach. There's a reason why SAP consultants are among the most highly sought-after and -paid people in IT.

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SAP should be a name for you. You can find SAP here. SAP itself is a ERP system by default. It includes a big branch of Software like Databases, BI Systems and many more. It is one of the most popular ERP Systems in market, besides Oracle I think.

Learning development for SAP is not as easy, cause there are no free developer licences like you have for other software. SAP itself works with Java. To extend SAP you need to learn Java. But there are some Web Services you can consume with C# or any other technology.

Another language you should know to extend your SAP skills is ABAP. ABAP is a "Script" language directly written for SAP. To learn SAP development there are some books provided by SAP itself you can find here.

Nevertheless SAP development is hard to learn without a company giving you the possibilities to work with.

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ABAP isn't a "script" language in any usual sense of that term. And it's the primary language for the ERP part. Java is a relatively recent addition. –  Mat Oct 16 '12 at 4:56

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