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As I have already asked here, I have to implement a Multi-Platform Map application. Now I have Mapstraction as an option which uses Javascript to implement the desired functionality. My question is, "Is there any reason/benefit to implement such a library (let say, Adapters) in Server-side (in my case, PHP)?"

As these maps are all based on Javascript, there is a big reason to use Javascript again to make the adapter also, so it would not be dependent to PHP, Java, or .NET for example. But is that all?

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As far as I can see, there are no benefits to implementing your adapters on the server-side rather than in JavaScript. In fact you would be better off with JavaScript because it is the ubiquitous language of the web; if in the future you decide to re-write your backend using another technology, you wouldn't have to re-write the adapters.

If you're hesitant to go with JavaScript because you don't have enough experience with it, even then my suggestion would remain unchanged, because every modern, client-heavy web application demands that you be comfortable with it.

Besides, you're getting a mature, tested JavaScript adapter library - with a fairly permissive BSD license - in the form of Mapstraction, which I mentioned in my answer to your linked question, so that's a very good option if you can use it. Either way, I think JavaScript is the way to go for you.

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thanks man! we're already off to the JS solution. :) – Mahdi Oct 25 '12 at 14:26

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