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As a ASP.NET developer with 5+ year experience. I like to measure my competency level in ASP.NET & SQL Server. Basically my goal is to raise my competency level and skill-set in ASP.NET; before that I need to know what is my level considering current ASP.NET and related technologies...

Please provide some pointers...

  • Is there are any skill-set measuring Quiz or exam, which account experience and technology ?
  • How do you measure your or your junior developers skills or competency?

Note: This question was originally asked in SO, I am reposting here to get more input.

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You could take a practice exam for the Microsoft Certification. That would give you a good idea of what you know and what areas of the technology need impovement. There are several places you can take practices exams and they're free. Here's one of many.

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Great idea... Love the free test link, thanks. –  Ali Nov 5 '10 at 18:34
+1, this is an excellent way to measure the breadth of your knowledge. The Microsoft cert exams cover a really wide area of ASP.NET (including a lot of stuff you'd probably prefer not to know and definitely prefer not to use!) –  Carson63000 Nov 6 '10 at 2:49

One step I went through in my years was asking myself if I truly understand what I am doing. I mean, do you know how the web works? Do you know about the http protocol, GETs and POSTs mechanics, or you just know that "that stuff gets executed when the button is pressed".

Do you know html, its meaning and the semantics? Do you know how a page must be structured to be well formed and make sense? Do you know how ajax works? Do you know theory and practical use of css?

These and many other things. That's because Asp.NET (with webforms engine) tends to hide away everything. That's what we call an "abstraction", but in this case it's a leaky abstraction, and a very poor one in my advice.

One thing you can do to improve and see if you really are good, keep working in Asp.Net but switch to MVC framework. Get things done with it. It embraces the web, where webforms hides it. If you can work successfully with MVC and produce quality stuff, you're on the right track.

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Go to StackOverflow.com and start answering and asking ASP.NET questions. And it's not just the points, but the feedback is very valuable. Unfortunately, there isn't anything built in where you can get a pecentage of questions you can answer or their level of complexity.

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