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I'd like to write a program in java (not a servlet, not jsp, not a webapp) which allows me to do simple things, such as connecting to a FB account and retrieve the status or posts on the wall. I know facebook no longer supports official JavaAPI, so I was wondering what are the best (and most simple, being the program very basic) unofficial api out there. If possible, i would also like some example-code.

searching through the web, I've read that you need two secret keys to create a facebook application, and I have not a fb account. Is it indispensable to have an account?

thank you everyone

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You can try RestFB which, despite its name, doesn't only use the (now about to be deprecated) Facebook Rest API, but also the Graph API, which is the one Facebook currently recommends using. You can integrate it in a plain old Java Desktop application (meaning that you don't need to be in the context of a Java EE WebApp to use it).

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As said by Shivan Dragon, RestFB can be used even in Java Desktop applications and handles it well enough.

Yet, you need a facebook app (that requires a registered user) and connection (there are 3 forms: Javascript, native device and server-side). You should check the general architecture, but the server-side is probably the best option for you.

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