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The premise of the site is that a user pays a small fee to advertise an item that they want to sell. Therefore the user is responsible for adding the "products", not the administrator. The product upload will create a product page for that item. This is a rather common framework that I'm sure you're familiar with.

My initial thought was that it would be best suited using Magento - mainly because it needs to accept payments - and the products will grow to form a catalog of categorized products. However - there is no concept of a shopping cart. A buyer does not buy the item online, or go to a checkout. They simply look at the product, and contact the seller if they like it. The buyer and seller then take it from there. For this reason, I then begin to suspect that Magento is perhaps too overkill, or just simply not the right CMS if there is on checkout procedure (other than the uploader making a payment)

So then I begin to think Wordpress....Hmmm

Feature requirements:

  • User's can add content via a form process
  • User's can be directed to a payment gateway
  • For each product listing - a series of photographs shall be displayed, in thumbnail form Zoom capabilities/rotate on the images would be a welcome feature

In short - e-commerce CMS, or something more simple?

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There are plethora of eCommerce platforms available today, each with their own set of functionalities. One thing to remember here is that WordPress solves the problem of publish/subscribe. Its a CMS especially designed to handle posts. Because its open source, people have experimented with it and each day we see new plugins coming up for WordPress. I have worked on WordPress and various eCommerce platforms and by looking at your requirements, my suggestion would be to think it like this way :

1) Magneto is not free. Lets say you go with open cart or Prestashop. Both have a support for something called modules (for ex. shopping cart is a module, payment gateway is a separate module) which you can add to your site and customize. By default, you will get everything which an eCommerce website should have and from there you can strip off features you don't want.

2) To make WordPress to handle such functionality you need to add additional plugins (or write your own) and there is no guarantee that pluginA wont break pluginB or in some cases the entire WordPress installation.

The easier way is to go with a open source eCommerce platform, you will save a lot of your time. Try Prestashop, it perfectly suits your needs. Cheers!

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It's important to consider what percentage of your requirements is based around content management. If it ends up that 70% of functionality is custom and 30% is based around content management, than I would question a need for a CMS.

I'm currently working on an enterprise site that was built on top of .NET driven CMS. We are now constantly fighting with the CMS as the most simple features take a while to develop. Some are not feasible to develop at all.

If we decided to write our own platform, than it would give us a lot more flexibility and power in the long term run.

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