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We are a startup looking to migrate from Fogbugz/Kiln to a new issue tracker/code review system. We are very happy with Jira, especially the configurability, but we are undecided on a code review tool. We have been trialing Bitbucket, but it doesn't fit our workflow well. Here are the problems we have identified with BB:

  1. Comments can be hard to find:
    • when commenting on code not visible in the diff
    • when code that is commented on is later changed
    • viewing the full file doesn't include comments (also doesn't show changes)
    • Viewing comments on individual commits can be a pain
  2. We have the implementer merge the diff and close the issue, whereas pull requests are more suited to the open source model where someone with commit rights merges
  3. We would like to automate creation of the code review (either from Jira or a command line tool)
  4. No syntax highlighting
  5. Once the pull request exceeds a certain size, BB won't show the whole thing and you have to view individual commits
  6. Linking BB pull requests to Jira issues is a bit janky: we have a pull request URL field on Jira, but this doesn't work when there are changes in multiple repositories

Does anyone have any good suggestion given the above? We are tight on budget, and Jira integration is a big plus. We also have multiple commits per issue, and would like to have the option of viewing individual commits in the review. It might also be worth noting that we have a separate reviewer and tester for each issue.

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At my workplace we use Reviewboard. It has a big plus of being free. It does a nice job of calling out the comments on the main review page, and it also inlines them nicely with the diffs. The diff-to-diff view is very handy (see what changed in the latest update), and it integrates well with our perforce toolset.

There are a few problems with it:

  • No syntax highlighting
  • Wrapping issues with long lines
  • Only supports a single Active Directory (our group needs more)
  • No grouping or categories for defects
  • Comments are defects by default
  • A couple other items unique to our IT policies :(

We also evaluated Code Collaborator by Smart Bear and it addressed all our concerns and added other nice features. It is outside our budget for the moment, but worth taking a look.

I believe both these products can be integrated with Jira (we looked into it once, but didn't end up needing that).

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It looks good, but I see one main problem immediately: you can't view individual commits in the review. It seems most teams use the one commit per issue model, but we have multiple commits per issue and would like to use that to make reviews easier. –  marcog Oct 31 '12 at 1:11
You're right. We run into that from time to time - I missed it in my list. –  Ben Oct 31 '12 at 1:58

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