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Has anyone here used both Apache CXF and Ruby on Rails 3 to develop RESTful web services before? I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons of both. Personally, I'm pretty familiar with Rails and really love Ruby, but I'm trying to not let that bias get in the way of evaluating Java + CXF as a possible alternative.

As a side note, I would be using JRuby with RoR since I have to integrate with some Java APIs produced internally in my organization. However in my experience, I haven't really seen any differences in working with Rails between Ruby and JRuby.

I'd really appreciate any anecdotes anyone can provide.

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I hesitate to bring it up, since it doesn't fit your either-or pair, but have you considered Grails? Grails seems to combine the benefits of both your choices above. It already runs on the JVM, so you don't need to use JRuby, and it has a CXF plugin that makes creating RESTful web services REALLY simple.

The main developers of Grails (G2One) are now a part of Spring, so you should feel confident of it's continued success.


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Yeah I looked at Grails. It's still a possibility, I just personally liked Ruby a lot better. –  Marc W Dec 18 '10 at 16:30

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