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I would like to know whether Oracle ADF Mobile is free to use for someone who doesn't have the (expensive) ADF license, and what if I want to talk to a backend (web service), do I need Weblogic?

What about usage scope? Is ADF Mobile suitable for games?

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it turned out to be not free, cost : USD$ 120.00 per named user, or USD$ 5800.00 per processor and if you want to deploy your app say to app store you need processor license.

Oracle FAQ : A named user plus license of ADF will entitle customer a single named user license of the ADF Mobile. A processor license of ADF will allow customer to deploy ADF Mobile-based application to unlimited number of devices.

I'm still though unclear about whether it's suited for games but there is a hint :

Oracle FAQ: You may even add a feature based on device-native code. All of these can run within the same application, and all of these features can communicate with each other.

hope someone else shed more light more about making games with ADF mobile.

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