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Having read a book I found a note that verification and validation can be both quality assurance and quality control. I cannot see how it can be quality assurance because both just provide evidence whether or not the product meets its use, requirements etc., which is quality control.
IMHO V&V cannot assure quality, they only asnwers the question "does it work?", "is it correct?.

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Especially for software the terms QA and QC usually exhibit some sort of overlap. Maybe wikipedia on QC could help:

... Quality control emphasizes testing of products to uncover defects and reporting to management who make the decision to allow or deny product release, whereas quality assurance attempts to improve and stabilize production (and associated processes) to avoid, or at least minimize, issues which led to the defect(s) in the first place ...

Again, especially for software where you are (almost*) guaranteed to have verbatim copies, V&V indeed does what you need for both QA and QC, since once you have assured, that product and is fit for its intended purpose and behaves to the specifications, you know that all of the copies will too.

*) there is of course the possibility of random bit flops on copying for whatever reasons, but these can usually be detected (when an appropriate process is in place).

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