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The standard programmer interview books and websites go over simple algorithm and coding questions. But how does one prepare for high-level questions on building websites? For example, "How would you build website X? What data structures would you use? etc." Is there a good site or book to read that reviews such material?

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A few other questions that may be relevant that probably have more than a few links:

For the question on building a website, consider what kind of scale are we talking as I could imagine a small business with a handful of pages that is intended to be built on a shoestring budget being quite different from a company with hundreds of millions in revenues that plans on using the site as the cornerstone of its marketing machine and is willing to spend millions to build a new website.

Some common issues that you may want to know would be supporting multiple browsers and versions of the same browser, understanding different approaches to architecting a solution, and if you prefer a special part of web development: Front-end, middleware or back-end development.

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The best source for such knowledge is personal experience with the domain the question touches. There's no replacement for practical experience with the subject. Remember that one does not have to ace perfect answers, honesty is much more important.

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High level preparation for building advanced websites- not just brochures- is taught in business programs- systems analysis and design. There are good texts in amazon.

High level modeling in UML (unified modeling language) takes into consideration the business environment and objectives before jumping into coding.

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