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I'm participating in my first hackathon soon. I have a great idea that has been rolling around in my head for a while, and if it takes off I'd obviously like to have my name on it/make some money on it. Is a hackathon a good place to present a project I'm serious about? How will the ownership work? I think I could get the project functional over the weekend of the event, but I'd definitely want to develop it further after. I'd like to be cited with the concept, but people who work with me on it would obviously be partial owners (or whatever would be considered fair). My main goal is for this project to get off the ground, but I also don't want to be left out if it ends up making money.

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I'm participating in my first hackathon soon.

Go and see firsthand how these things work and what the expectations are before you start making plans in any direction.

Is a hackathon a good place to present a project I'm serious about?

No, for the reasons you cite. If it's something that you want to pursue, pursue it. A hackathon is a good place to work collaboratively on an interesting project for the common good of all the participants, and perhaps for a wider audience. If you want control/ownership of the project and think you might turn it into some sort of serious venture for yourself, it's really not fair to ask everyone else to contribute their time and creative work to your endeavor.

After you've participated in a few of these events, ask yourself how you'd respond if a first-timer showed up and said: "Hey, I've got a great project idea! If you all help me, I'll put your name in the About box!"

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To be more specific...I'm not about the project being all mine. Everyone else who helped me would be a partial owner. My main concern is having another person who works on it with me taking full ownership, or me somehow being cut out of the project. –  Sabrina Gelbart Nov 12 '12 at 22:55

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