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I am looking on the website but the difference between the two isn't explained.

To complicate matters a Google search tells me that developers should focus on the MCPD qualifications but an examination of the MCPD section of the site is telling me that the Web Application exams will expire in July 2013! It seems out of date.

Meanwhile the MCSD exam seems to be a lot more up to date with references to HTML5/ 4.5 MVC applications!

What's the difference? Are the MCPD certifications going to be updated after July?

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Microsoft is going through the process of rebranding all of their exams. They do this from time to time so MCSE and MCSD are replacing the MCITP and MCPD branches respectively. They are doing this to try to increase the value of the certifications again.

If you are looking at doing any certifications soon, focus on the newer paths. Microsoft handed out a Skills Development Roadmap at their developer days (here in South Africa at least). It is available on the web from here. These comments are from what I heard so I can't add more explicit references.

The expiration of the exams simply means that your certifications will not count towards the Microsoft Partner Program. They started doing this a couple of years ago to ensure that Partner's keep their employee's skills up to date as well. If you write the older MCPD certification, most employers still see it as an achievement but they are aware it is for slightly older technology now.

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This webpage states :

MCPD certifications will not be updated for future versions of Visual Studio. In most cases, upgrade exams will be available to shorten your path from an MCPD on Visual Studio 2010 to the corresponding new Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification. Most exams on Visual Studio 2010 and all exams on Visual Studio 2008 are scheduled to retire on July 31, 2013. However, your MCPD certification will remain valuable as long as companies are using the relevant technologies.

MCPD certification will let it's place to the new MCSD certification.

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