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I'm coming from Ruby / Ruby on Rails to Python. Where can I find or find resources about:

  • The command prompt, what is python's version of 'irb'
  • info and recommendations on editors, plugins and IDE's
  • testing, what's available, anything similar to rspec?

[Note - I've scaled down my original wish list of 15 or so items to the above 3 based on feedback below. and the negative votes :) ]

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I'm missing the 'and I want a pony' item in your list though. Anything else you wanted to ask? -- Asking this many questions in one post makes for an impossible task for any answer to be deserving of votes. No-one could cover all these angles properly, making this post decidedly non-constructive. –  Martijn Pieters Nov 22 '12 at 18:15
These are typical questions that someone coming from ruby on rails has. Peter's answer below shows the question to be answerable. –  Michael Durrant Nov 23 '12 at 16:35
I didn't say it was not answerable. I stated that it is impossible to answer everything in a way that makes one answer more deserving of an upvote over another. Split out your questions to fit the Q/A format of the site, don't lump them together in one big clump, at the very least. –  Martijn Pieters Nov 23 '12 at 16:37
Sure, that's a little more of a practical answer. I will see what I can do in that fashion. Thanks. –  Michael Durrant Dec 10 '12 at 15:40

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Welcome to Python-land!

  • The command prompt, what is python's version of 'irb'. If you just run python you'll get a prompt. It's OK, but I have recently discovered IPython and it's way better for playing around and trying out ideas. See the PyCon 2012 presentation for a high-speed tour of IPython.
  • django, what is a good resource for installing, using, etc. The Django Documentation sets the Gold Standard for what docs should be.
  • pythoncasts... is there anything like railscats, i.e. good video tutorials. That would be PyVideo.org.
  • web sites with the api Not sure what you're asking for here ...
  • info about what version have what and which to use. That's simple: either 2.7.3 (or the latest 2.x) or 3.x. You'll find that almost everything will work with 2.x, but 3.x is gaining a lot of steam and already has many of the 3.x features available.
  • info and recommendations on editors, plugins and IDE's. I know there's an Eclipse plugin, but I'm a Certified Old Fart, so I use vim.
  • common gotchas for newbies and good things to know at the outset. The number one thing is to not get too hung up about The White Space Thing™. After about an hour you'll hardly even notice it. Be careful about using [] as a default in procedure definitions (it doesn't do exactly what you think), and watch out for tuples with only one value, e.g. (foo,) is a tuple, but (foo) is a parenthesized expression with the value foo -- not the same thing. There are a few other things, but it's a pretty gotcha-free language.
  • scaling issues, common reasons Scaling is highly dependent on what you are trying to do.
  • what is the equivalent of 'gems', i.e. components I can plug in. Python Eggs may be the closest. See the PyPi site (Python Package Index) for tons of stuff.
  • what are popular plugins for django authentication and forms similar to devise and simple_form. Start with the Django Docs. There are a large number of django apps for things like OAuth, etc. You'll just have to look around.
  • testing, what's available, anything similar to rspec? Don't know rspec. There are several python-based testing frameworks. GIYF.
  • database adapters - any preferences? Outside of a framework with it's own ORM (e.g. Django) SQLAlchemy is one of the leading contenders.
  • framework info - is django MVC like rails? They call it MVT Model-View-Template, but it's pretty similar. There is a pattern called Naked Objects, and the Django ORM + Admin + Forms does a pretty good job of implementing it.
  • OO'yness. Is everything an object that gets send messages? Different paradign? Python supports deep OO stuff. The Django ORM is a Master's Class in metaclass hacking. But you can still do procedural programming, if you like.
  • syntax - anything like jslint for checking for well-formed code? I haven't used it, PyLint exists.
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"web sites with the API" probably means the standard library docs, ie Python 2.7 or Python 3. –  detly Nov 22 '12 at 6:07
Editors I commonly use: Eclipse with PyDev and Komodo Edit. There's an IDE bundled in to each release called IDLE, but I never use it :P –  detly Nov 22 '12 at 6:11

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