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I know that a plugin for Visual Studio exists. However i can't afford VS so i'm looking for a free alternative which can be used to code TypeScript and aware of the .d.ts definition files and can do code completion based on them.

I know that Sublime Text and VIM can do syntax highlighting with the correct language definition file. However the biggest advantage of Typescript for me is that ability to give code assistance while coding.

Are you aware of any editor which can do this? I'm interested even if it's in an experimental state.

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There appears to be little at the moment out there for Typescript. Adding Intellisense for a given language is a hugely nontrivial endeavor. Miguel de Icaza (of Mono fame) puts it:

But TypeScript only delivers half of the value in using a strongly typed language to Unix developers: strong typing. Intellisense, code completion and refactoring are tools that are only available to Visual Studio Professional users on Windows.

There is no Eclipse, MonoDevelop or Emacs support for any of the language features.

That blog excerpt was dated October 1st, 2012. So it's unlikely that much progress has been made in porting it into non-Microsoft environs. Much of that I expect is the anti-Microsoft bias not unjustifiably inherent in the Apple and Linux ecosystems. Why support a "Microsoft Language" that's barely out of the cradle? It's all of two months old at this point and isn't technically out of "beta".

As far as being unable to afford Visual Studio, Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web supports Typescript and is free.

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I haven't thought about trying out the Express edition if it's compatible with the Typescript. Thanks for mentioning it. I'm hoping that a decent Eclipse plugin will show up. But i like to experiment with the language till then. There's already a working Maven plugin for embedding Typescript build into Java projects which looks great. –  NagyI Nov 25 '12 at 20:49
Just installed VS Express and yes, TypeScript plugin works like a charm. I couldn't find up to date information but it seems that i can even use VS Express to build commercial products: web.archive.org/web/20110511152022/http://www.microsoft.com/… –  NagyI Nov 25 '12 at 22:04

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