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If a map contains pushpins/waypoints that span only a couple of miles, the map should be zoomed way in and show a lot of detail. If the pushpins/waypoints instead cover vast areas, such as hundreds or even thousands of miles, it should be zoomed way out.

That's clear. My question is: is there a general guideline for mapping (no pun intended) Bing Maps zoom levels to a particular number of miles that separate the furthest apart points? e.g., is there some chart that has something like:

Zoom level N shows 2 square miles Zoom level N shows 5 square miles etc.?

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ViewOptions lets you specify the view using the bounds, rather than a center and a zoom. That's probably the way to go. Find the westernmost, southernmost, northernmost and easternmost pushpins and use their coordinates to construct a bounding rectangle.

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Taking into account wrapping of longitude if the use cases are likely to include sets of points in the Pacific. – Peter Taylor Dec 1 '12 at 9:05

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