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Well, I finished my Masters in Embedded Systems, and I am working in GUI development, and working with graphic tools and images and GUI's keep me glued to my seat more than working on code for MUP/MUC . And I want to give game development a Fair chance, try out developing a game from scratch using basic libraries then tryout the same in a free/open source game engine and there is a good chance I may fall in love with it, but it is poissible for a person with an Electrical and Electronics Bachelors and Embedded Systems Masters ( just a years experience in the field) go into game development and be successful in the profession.

And I asked the same question @ stackoverflow.com (wrong place to ask ) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13794822/can-a-guy-with-embedded-system-background-go-into-game-development/13794943#13794943

And I received good but a very generic answer. I would be happy to know the actual pro's and con's of a master's in embedded systems migrating to Game Dev

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While some universities already offer courses focusing on game development, a large percentage of people in the game development industry still come from completely different branches of computer science. So a degree in embedded systems isn't that far away from this profession.

Game development is often much more performance-critical and close-to-the-hardware than desktop application development, so a background in embedded systems might not be the worst base to start into game development. And when you also have an affinity to GUI development, you also know how to design an interface in a user-friendly way.

What you might still lack is knowledge of software development paradigms which are frequently used in game development (like data-driven design or component-based architecture) and of course knowledge about game design itself (a field which is much more complex than it seems from the perspective of a gamer). A great place to ask specific questions about these topics is our sister site http://gamedev.stackexchange.com.

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