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I have a class that is a singleton and off of the singleton are properties that hold the instances of all the performance counters in my application.

public interface IPerformanceCounters
        IPerformanceCounter AccountServiceCallRate { get; }
        IPerformanceCounter AccountServiceCallDuration { get; }

Above is an incomplete snippet of the interface for the class "PerformanceCounters" that is the singleton.

I really don't like the plural part of the name and thought about changing it to "PerformanceCounterCollection" but stopped because it really isn't a collection. I also thought about "PerformanceCounterFactory" but it is really a factory either. After failing with these two names and a couple more that aren't worth mentioning I thought that I might be missing a pattern.

Is there a name that make sense or a change that I could make towards a standardized pattern that would help me put some polish on this object and get rid of the plural name?

I understand that I might be splitting hairs here but that is why I thought that the "Programmers" exchange was the place for this kind of thing. If it is not... I am sorry and I will not make that mistake again.


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The term IPerformanceCounterSource could work, referring to a class that is a source of performance counters.

So long as the term is clear, you shouldn't have an issue. While ~Collection or ~Set is gramatically correct, they could be confused for classes that take the form of ICollection.

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Given that it is, in some sense, a set then it is probably worth considering if an actual set would be a better implementation – jk. Dec 11 '12 at 8:51
Though given that in this case performance is probably key probably not. – jk. Dec 11 '12 at 9:08

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