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I'm the senior software developer working in a private company. I want to became the Software Architect in the Java side. Could you please tell me the certifications releated to my scenario?

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Certification is not going to take you anywhere, except adding more lines on your resume. If you want to become software architect on java side, (which in my opinion is wrong goal, instead simply say software architect with strong programming skills or something like that), then you need sound experience in Java technology.

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An architect is supposed to be technology independent; it should know all technologies with their strengths and weaknesses and be able to choose from them.

However you can take a look at Oracle Certified Master although it is for Java EE 5, and it does not even ensure that you know all Java skills required for an architect (Spring for example) and certainly does not check skills from other technologies nor other concepts. I believe that it checks OOD skills too, which is a good thing.

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