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I have trouble drawing a clear line between Presentation and Application layer in Domain Driven Design.

Where should Controllers, Views, Layouts, Javascript and CSS files go?

Is it in the Application or the Presentation layer?

And if they go all together in the same layer, what contains the other one? Is it empty?

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Just because someone created and named "Application Layer" and "Presentation Layer" doesn't mean your application should have them. You should create layers AFTER you created substantial amount of code which you grouped together and want to name this group for sake of communication between developers and clarity of code.

From point of DDD. Application Layer is everything that is not Domain layer. Which includes application logic, presentation and application services.

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Thank you, indeed you made me realize that for my case separating Application and Presentation is useless. Simplicity first! –  Matthieu Napoli Dec 24 '12 at 9:43

Domain Driven Design has nothing to do with either Presentation layer or Application layer. DDD is a methodology whose main focus is on the Domain layer. That is, DDD does not impose any constraints regarding any other layer except for the Domain layer and Your question as well could be asked in the context of any other methodology.

That being said, it's very common to use a four-layer architecture for DDD applications. Here's an example of one such application showing the layers and their intended use: DDDSample Architecture. So, if you choose to use this architecture your views and layouts would go to the Interfaces layer and the controllers, if interface-independent, would go to the Application layer.

You might as well choose any other kind of architecture, as I've said DDD does not impose constraints. There are many MVC frameworks out there that have different structures and yet could also be used for DDD applications. Then, of course, you would place Your views and layouts accordingly.

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