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I'm developing an application based on this structure :

/--- Index.php
/--- /includes/
/--- /modules/
/-------- /Mod1/
/-------- /Mod2/
/-------- /ModN/

In the future, 2 developers will participate in the project.

  1. I have to restrict the access for the developers. They shouldn't get access for the "/includes/" folder. It contains the system's Core. They just will have to code modules.

  2. I Will use Mercurial. What is the best "organisation" (repository, lock, permissions...) for this kind of project.

A need advices. Thank you :)

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Perhaps you could create two repositories:

  • A "root" repository to hold Index.php and /includes
  • A "modules" repository to hold all the /ModN folders

then pull a local copy of the modules repository into /modules?

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Thanks for your answer. If I do that, how can the other developer "test" their modules as it needs the system's Core ? give them a restricted access to a subfolder ? Is there a solution de deploy directly to FTP ? (I use Bitbucket) –  Cartha Jan 17 '13 at 21:47
@Cartha I'm guessing you'll have a server set up to do testing on, so if you give them access to the /modules directory there and let them update the repo (or have some sort of automated testing framework that could update it) then they could test it there. –  paul Jan 17 '13 at 21:57

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