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Getting a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can be rigorous. Did you attempt it? How was your preparation process? Was there any hiccups filling out PMP project experience details? Currently, I am going thru PMbok guide. Looks like full of theory to me!! And I have read it at least twice !!

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The best piece of advice I can offer is to take a PMP exam prep course. If you can find a reputable organization with good instructors, it will put the entire PMBOK into context and make in much more approachable. You'll need to show proof of 35 "contact hours" of formal education anyway, and that's just enough for a good prep course.

I actually found it more challenging to break down 3500 hours of work into each of the project phases.

As for the exam - a couple of months after the prep course, I sat down, read the PMBOK through cover-to-cover, e-mailed my classmates from the prep course to see who had written it and if they had any advice (answer: memorize all the Earned Value formulae, and write out a cheat sheet during the exam tutorial, since it takes only a short time to go through the tutorial, but you are allocated about 15 minutes). They I plowed through the exam. I saved time by deciding not to revisit any questions - either I could answer it correctly when I saw it, or I had no idea of the answer; either way, there was no need to take a second pass through the questions, of which there are a huge number.

Unfortunately, I see you are not in the GTA, so I can't recommend the company from which I took the prep course. But ask around in your area.

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I suggest that you take a training from a Registered Education Provider (REP) to prepare for your PMP examination. Training helps a lot in preparing better for the examination and also the experts can help you with filling your form. PMBOK is very dry- though it is advisable that you read it more than once to understand the concepts in a much clear way. Since you have already read it twice, I guess you'll be comfortable with the concepts by now. Other than this, you can also refer Rita Mulcahy exam prep for your preparations. I don't know where you are based, but I recommend Simplilearn (I took my training from them) and their course content and practice test papers helped me a lot in clearing the examination. Apart from this, I would suggest that you take a lot of practice tests since it helps a lot in understanding your preparation better and helps you to improve your preparations.

Good Luck with your exam!

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