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word extraction illustration

My Situation

I need to develop an application which does crowd-sourced Image-To-Text service (just like google's reCaptcha). So I need an OCR API which can find words in an image with some text.

My Research

  • I have gone through JavaOCR Library.
  • Also Tessaract (which is not implemented in Java & Tess4J Wrapper doesn't have anything I'm looking for).

So basically I have nowhere to go, so I need help.

What I want

  • Is there any API (preferably in Java) that does exactly as I have shown in the image above?
  • If no such API exists, is there any EXACT algorithms suitable for this process?
  • If not, what's your suggestion to achieve this?

Note: I don't want another just image-to-text APIs. I need an API which finds WORD LOCATIONS in the input image.

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If the OCR library does not provide boundaries then you could use it as a validation tool. Find "objects" yourself with a recursive fill algorithm. Drop "objects" you consider to be noise. Pass objects to the OCR library to see if it's a letter. You then have a confirmed letter and the location. Not ideal but... –  mike30 Feb 7 '13 at 19:31

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I used a product called Prime Recognition to create an application with similar requirements a few years ago. It will give you the positions of every letter found on the page.

It’s far from free (it was low 5 figures at the time), but has a good API and delivered good results.


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