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I don't know how to create two sets of pagination links one view.

Background Information

I have a situation where I have parent / child tables that I have to display on the same view - perhaps in two different sections. Each section needs its own set of pagination links. The contents (and therefore, pagination links) in section 2 will change depending on what is selected in the parent section / section 1.

The parent is what I call "subcategories" and the child table is "products". SO when the user comes to the first page, all categories are shown. But once they select a specific category, I want to take them to this view that I'm discussing which will show any subcategories... and any products.

Possible Solution

I'm thinking that I need the following methods in my controller:

public function getsubcategories($categoryID)
    1.  find data yu need to display
    2.  set up pagination object
    3.  use add_js method to add ajax call to a method "get_products_in_category" 
        Ajax method to be invoked on document.ready and will return product data.
    4.  load view. 

public function get_products_in_cateogry($categoryID)
    1. look up products in category
    2.  build html to display products. 
    3.  return string with all html to display product information
    ??? can i create another pagination object here???

If you have any suggestions on what's wrong with my idea / how I can accomplish this, I'd really appreciate it

Thank you.

Edit 1

While waiting for a response, i went ahead and tried a little test... and it doesn't seem to be working. I still have the issue where the pagination links displayed in section 2 actually manipulates the data in section 1. I'm going to move post this question in stackoverflow. Thank you.

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