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I was told that I will be asked coding questions in my interview and that the context will be related to Distributed Systems (I took ONE Distributed Systems course and I don't even remember much from it!). I've seen a lot of data structure/algorithms coding questions but for Distributed Systems, all I can think of is questions about different concepts. What could they possibly ask me to code for them? I've tried looking up examples to practise or at least get an idea what kinds of things to expect but I haven't found any because they all just seem to focus on concepts, not design. Any ideas?

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"Distributed Systems" could mean one of several things.

"Distributed Systems" correctly refers to systems where processing takes place in more than one location. e.g. a typical retail setup would include some software running in the till, an in store server to manage the tills, track inventory etc. and a head office system which aggregates the accounting and inventory data from each store. These form a special class of systems as the designers must consider that the component systems may be erratically available (due to closing hours, working practices, maintenance etc.) or unreachable due to network outages hardware failures etc.

"Distributed Systems" is often used to refer to systems where processing takes place on two or more systems at the same location. A classic client/server application would fit this description.

At large corporate sites there is a tendency to refer any hardware that is not a mainframe or massive unix server as "Distributed Systems".

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