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I was interviewed by a big internet company. After describing the problem to solve, the interviewer requested that I also submit test cases with the code via email.

I'm not sure if I should reveal the problem, but it was related to binary search trees. I wrote 4 test cases, varying from 0 to 10 nodes. I was rejected.

What are some guidelines to writing test cases for interviews?
(How big a case do interviewers expect? How many cases do interviewers expect? etc.)

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Just a side note, it is very possible you were not rejected because you were not good enough. It is quite possible they had someone in mind, or that they were waiting for an answer from a candidate they already offered the job to. –  Benjamin Gruenbaum Feb 25 '13 at 22:33

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I'm going to assume that the guidlines would be the same as writing test cases for code.

Make sure all the boundary cases are covered. Make sure the nice case is covered. According to code complete you should have 1 test case for every if,for,while[,catch] statement in your code. Unfortunately the name for this general set of test cases eludes me right now.

I'll update when I get home with the exact specifics they were looking for.

Book I was taught this out of: http://www.amazon.com/Code-Complete-Practical-Handbook-Construction/dp/0735619670

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