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What is the general solutions to allow the client to choose the concrete instance of a method output?

For example, in the Lucene API the search method receives and modifies the collector input parameter, but this is generally regarded as a bad practice:

IndexReader reader =;
IndexSearcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(reader);
TopScoreDocCollector collector = TopScoreDocCollector.create(10, true);, collector);
ScoreDoc[] hits = collector.topDocs().scoreDocs;

An alternative would be to provide a Factory as input and have the search method return the instance created.

What else?

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...receives and modifies the collector input parameter, but this is generally regarded as a bad practice - why so? – Konrad Morawski Feb 26 '13 at 15:17

Generics - quite obviously? In C# it might look like:

public class Searcher
    public IEnumerable<T> GetResults<T>()
        return new[] { default(T) };

And then:

var searcher = new Searcher();
IEnumerable<string> results = searcher.GetResults<string>();
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Instantiating a generic type is not supported everywhere, namely Java. And even if it was, each subtype might have it's own constructor, and the Searcher should know nothing about that. – Miguel Fonseca Feb 26 '13 at 17:01

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