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I'm having a technical interview with a graphics society in a few time and I'd like to expand my knowledge related to the following subjects:

  • TLB (translation lookaside buffers and their role)
  • low level optimizations
  • cache and how the process of fetching data for an instruction execution works
  • threads and synchronization
  • interrupts, deadlocks and spinlocks, irqs and interrupt masking

Can you suggest some exceptionally explained book/resource about these topics?

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I would not say that these are "graphics related concepts fundamentals". –  user16764 Feb 27 '13 at 20:03
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The topics that you describe are covered in operating systems books (I recommend modern operating systems by Tanenbaum). Whatever is not covered in the OS book will be covered in a computer architecture book like Computer Architecture by Patterson et. al. But those are very big books so you need to focus only on the specific stuff that you'll need for the interview (you can study the books in whole after getting the job).

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