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I have an open source project my company would like me to do with a small team, creating an adapter for the Oracle NoSQL database to be used in Python, but to do that we would need to be able to make calls to the running Java server that Oracle NoSQL runs on.

Looking around at our options, we came across JPype which seems like the best option. Unfortunately, JPype hasn't been actively developed for a couple years, which is a downside in and of itself, but more importantly I'm betting it doesn't work with Python 3.x.

So now we're thinking that it might be best for us to fork JPype and make an open source version which is compatible with Python 3.x, or do that with the existing project if we can get in contact with the guy who used to maintain it. The only alternative we see would be working with JNI ourselves, which seems more difficult.

I'm wondering from "real" Python developers (I'm primary a Java developer) whether or not a port of JPype to Python 3.x would be useful in and of itself, or if this would more just be something that would be useful for this specific use case only.

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I've done a lot of both Python and Java programming over the years. I've also used JPype for several projects and found that it worked quite well. During development I especially liked being able to fire up an interactive Python shell and invoke Java methods.

I consider myself a "real" Python programmer and I would find an updated JPype useful. Especially if it would be maintained.

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There's no longer a chance that I'll be doing that, but it's good to hear it would be useful. –  CorayThan Nov 28 '13 at 0:53

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