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I am lost on how to plan the development of a iphone mobile app, when building a specific mobile app for a client, i need to make a questionnaire for that same client and i also need to have a document to accompany the project development, something like a bug report file, and a app features document.

My question is, for the experienced developers, what do you guys use to plan your entire development process? do you have any doc templates that you use to address these issues?

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Your question is fairly vague, there is a bunch of documents I create when I'm doing a project properly (which I try to do, unless a client is on a budget). These are in no particular order.

  1. Wireframes These can be produced online using Balsamiq mockups or other tools.

  2. Database diagrams You don't mention what type of application you're producing so these may be of no relevance to you. Entity-Relation diagrams will help show your schema and relationships.

  3. Specifications There are a bunch of specifications you should do. I generally produce the following:

    • Master specification
      This contains information on the project along with a brief overview, milestones, deliverables, responsibilities, and so on. This is also where high level architectural diagrams are placed and high level discussion about how the components fit together and communicate.
    • Component specifications
      For each component, I produce a combined specification. This specification is "combined" in that it includes business and technical components. This includes business rules, user interfaces (where applicable), library interfaces, etc.
    • Database specifications
      Contains a copy of the entity-relationship diagram in addition to a discussion on the database for each table, information on replication, justifications of decisions, etc.

For large projects you can muck around doing things like Gantt charts, but I find that agile techniques such as a scrum backlog are far more effective of keeping track of where things are.

Taking the time to plan things rather than going like "a bull at a gate" and cutting code will result in a more successful and extensible project.

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