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If I am taking data from a website, for example status updates from Facebook and showing them on my website. What possible damage can be caused if I am not taking into account that the code written as status update would execute on my website?

For example, Mr. Simon has putted his status update,

"<p style="color:red;">I love to code</p>"

Now, when I display this on my website, it transforms into the text I love to code written in red.

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Is you question just "What damage can an xss vulnerability cause?"? – CodesInChaos Mar 2 '13 at 11:12

Basically you will be vulnerable to XSS - the element might as well be a script element or the paragraph element could have an onmouseover etc attributes to run a script.

  • If you are not using HttpOnly session cookies, XSS can be used to steal sessions.
  • All security measures against CSRF are useless if you are vulnerable to XSS.
  • The script can dynamically load malicious java, flash, pdf etc plugin files, which can exploit bugs in the respective browser plugins.
  • The script can redirect the user somewhere else, hide your page or make for a convincing phishing page since it's on your domain.
  • Probably many more - only your imagination is the limit :)
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