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Is there a fun way to learn Java?

Instead of what's the "best" way to learn it, I'm wondering the funnest way to learn it. I'm taking an introductory course on programming right now to see what it's all about, but quite frankly it's not very enjoyable. I certainly love programming in an applicable sense (for accomplishing layout and analytics tasks), I find that it takes a while to get to the point (it took me a year with JavaScript) to feel like you can just dream things up and try them out.

I realize the subjectivity of the questions avails it to flames, etc., so I'll restate the spirity of the question. I want to know what resources/methods people have employed to make learning a programming language more enjoyable.

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Look for the "Head First..." series of Java Programming books. Their style of laying out the topics is more informal than most. You might enjoy them. They have the books for Servlets "Head First JSP & Servlets", "Head First Java" etc –  kolossus Mar 19 '13 at 1:39
Sorry, my 9-to-5 has sucked all the fun out of Java ;) Seriously, take something you like doing and do it in Java. I've implemented neural network toolkits in a number of languages I wanted to learn. They're all crap but I did learn. –  ipaul Mar 19 '13 at 2:42

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Make simple games. For example, take a book like Land of Lisp or Writing Your Own Computer Games in Python, both filled with simple text-based games, and convert them to Java. You don't need to know LISP or Python well - both books are meant for beginning programmers anyway so you'll be able to follow along or at least get ideas on what could be fun projects for you to tackle.

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Great idea! I have a bit of exposure to Python anyways so that's very helpful. Thanks. –  user1366015 Mar 18 '13 at 22:20

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