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I am in the middle of a computer science conversion masters and am trying to go down the php route(with CSS/javascript/HTML/ thrown in).I have a month off in the summer and am thinking of doing the zend php5.3 certification. My questions;

(i) is it worth doing the cert?? I have heard there are a number of bad php developers out there i imagine an official accreditation would look good to an employer, right??

(ii) Is it feasible to pass with a month's intensive study? By this time i will have made a meta search engine incorporating php along with a couple of sites before i start the months work.

Any advice??

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Certification can help you if you're looking to work for a larger company, but if you are looking to be a freelancer not so much. Also, certification can help you to improve your skills because it will force you to learn things you might not already know. In connection with this, certification certainly can not harm you, so it all comes down to what you want.

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