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I am just checking a java script framework . A universal JavaScript framework. To check how its really works i just checkout a demo of this product example site which is just normal todo list . I just start to playing with the todo list and i just notice that after click on add if i click on cancel in that dialog box, Its still add a blank todo item . I am sure this is bug . Here my point is not solve this bug or find this bug .My point is that if i have such products and there demo have bugs which can be easily noticed then

Are those bugs going to hurt my product reputation ? and how much ?

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It will hurt your product reputation if it's buggy, but determining how much is a highly subjective question. – Patrik Apr 15 '13 at 7:46
It depends if a prospective customer happens to actually see the bug. Is it a demo or a prototype? In a prototype the acceptability off bugs is much much higher then in a demo. – Pieter B Apr 15 '13 at 7:48
product dont have bug at all, but its online demo have bug in that case ? – rahularyansharma Apr 15 '13 at 7:58
would you order a car if the demo model has a broken reverse? – Pieter B Apr 15 '13 at 8:15
Creating a demo is normally much easier than creating the product itself. So when there are [obvious] errors in the demo, it indicates that there would most possibly be problems in the product as well. – superM Apr 15 '13 at 9:45

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This depends largely on the users expectations.

If the product is presented as ready to go and the user starts finding bugs right away, you could be in trouble. In my experience it's often the case that sales people will want to go out and suggest that your product is slightly further along that it actually is in order to maximize sales; it's going to be easier to sell something that's ready today than something that's just a pipe-dream.

If the product is presented as a work in progress from the outset, then bugs will not damage the reputation. The user is already primed to be using their imagination. When they find a bug they can overlook it because they expect them to be ironed out in future as part of the natural process that's on going, what's important to them is a demonstration of potential value once development is finished.

The site you've linked to doesn't seem to make it clear on the homepage that the product is in active development and is pre-release. Therefore, I would say that bugs showing up within a few minutes of use in the demo will potentially harm reputation.

Edit: Re-reading the question I noticed that you asked how much. This is difficult to quantify, but here we're looking at a JavaScript framework. Personally if I were considering using this product, I would almost instantly decide against using it upon finding that bug. There are lots of JS frameworks around so unless this is doing something unique there's not much chance of me investing time in one with bugs in the demo.

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