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I'm curious if there are any commonly used large enterprise frameworks for PHP that would be your whole or most of your environment if you were working in PHP. Something comparable to ASP.NET's WebForms or MVC in that when you're working in either one, most of your code and system is based off of working integratively within that framework.

Edit: Specifically I'm looking for a framework that fit's the bill of basically being what you would use for 99% of your work in writing your website, this means:

  • data retrieval, some kind of ORM in the framework
  • data representation, some kind of data aware automatically configured UI controls that make reading and writing to a DB easy
  • data caching
  • data serialization
  • data communication, an easy way to generate and host web services of various sorts
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The most used frameworks are:

Both have already a second version out there and a big community supporting them.

Edit: They support almost all your listed features:

  • data retrieval
    • in ZF via Table Data Gateway Pattern
    • Symfony can integrate Doctrine, which is a full ORM
  • Both are only frameworks and have no integrated admin frontend to edit the data, but provide easy-to-use formular and element classes, to set them up on your own
  • Both have multiple ways to implement data caching, serialization and comunication
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Do both of these act as a wrapper to your full stack so you're using them AJAX to SQL and everything between? –  Jimmy Hoffa Apr 25 '13 at 12:08
Yes, have a look at their websites and examples. –  Tobias Zander Apr 25 '13 at 12:24
You're really supposed to summarize links you post, with supporting information backing up why they are relevant and how they answer a question. Link-only answers are low-quality as they really don't help people any more comprehensively than google. If you could summarize the info on those links in your answer, it would go a long way to making it helpful to people in the future. –  Jimmy Hoffa Apr 25 '13 at 12:29
I added some information to your requested points, but both are full stack frameworks and include hundreds of features. So to get a better look we either need more information about the application you want to develop or you have to look it up on your own. –  Tobias Zander Apr 25 '13 at 14:22
Perfect, that bit of summary is all that's needed. When posting link-answers in the future, remember that you still need to give explanation of why whatever you linked answers the question being asked, doesn't take a lot of summarizing, just enough to answer the question at hand as your edit does. Thanks! –  Jimmy Hoffa Apr 25 '13 at 14:35
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It's really a good question. When choosing the right PHP framework for the job is absolutely critical and a dilemma for a person instead in case of ASP as MVC is there. But now there are large scale enterprise frameworks available for PHP development.

As per my experience, I found Symfony quite useful for large application, although it is slow.

Another one which you opt is Zend, Yii or CodeIgniter

Zend framework is the most used and complete framework, based on OO concepts . For that, you can also read Martin Fowler’s book to get familiar with Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture .

CodeIgniter is also the one which you can pick. It is easy to learn and offers various features.

Last but not least, Yii is an evergreen choice. It's not that easy to learn, but quite good for experienced PHP developers and suitable for large scale applications.

But at the end, I think the choice really depends on your needs and experience.

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Hi Amy, the link you provided seems like an advertisement for your company. Per our site policy we require that you personally disclose your affiliation to that organization or we will remove the link. Thank you. –  maple_shaft May 7 '13 at 18:25
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