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I am about to start my own venture in App development. I need some sort of advice or tips on which iPhone model should I test to? My budget is quite tight so I am thinking should I buy 4GS over 3GS or must start with 5? Things confuse me since I do not quite get the picture yet, so I do not know which is the efficient way to start with.

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It depends on what your target audience is going to be. If you are going for reach you will probably make the most effective use getting a 3GS although you would be slightly better served with a plain iPhone 4. That should hit 85% of your potential audience.

If you are wanting to work with the latest Apple technologies and optimize say games for the better hardware, then go with a 5.

I still test on my iPhone 1 the majority of my apps and I still have around 230 loyal iPhone users on one of my apps as a result. Is it worth it? Perhaps not, but I still have them. More than 90% of my base is on iPhone 4 on up and so that is where I get my statistics from. This is per Flurry over an installed base of 3 million phones.

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"230 loyal iPhone users on one of my apps": in order to compare, how much iPhone 3G/3GS, 4/4S and 5 users do you have for this app? –  MainMa Apr 27 '13 at 20:06
@MainMa that comment should have read 230 loyal iPhone 1 users.. I have over 3,000,000 users of our apps. So 23o is small, but we still want to provide service to them. As a side all the iPhone 1 users are from U.S.A. However many of the other iPhone users are spread out globally. This may help you determine your iPhone selection. –  Akira71 Apr 27 '13 at 20:55

I say tentatively, you don't need a device right out of the gate.

Depending on the app your building, you can do a substantial amount of testing right in the simulator. However, many features do require a physical device to text (ie. location/maps with movement, accelerometer, taking a picture with the camera, etc.).

I teach iOS programming, and I always tell my students they don't need the paid Apple Dev account until they have an app essentially done, that they want to publish. No sense in wasting $100 until you finish an app and know it will be necessary.

But, when you ultimately do get a device, I would get the latest iPhone. For one, the screen dimensions are different than all earlier iPhones, it has the latest hardware, and most users currently are ordering this device, as it is the new base standard.

Hope this helps.

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