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This is a generic question about class names and ORMs, but for context; I'm working on a Flask web app in Python using SQLalchemy.

I'm struggling with naming a new class that will contain the business logic to process reminders. In the database there is a table named "reminders" that contains data I need. The ORM has created a class 'Reminders' to access it.

Of course, for the business-logic class, the only good name I can think of is also "Reminders", but as I said, there already is a class with that name in my models. I was thinking this could potentially lead to confusion.

My question is; is this still the way to go, two different classes with the same name (but with a different path), or is there a better way/convention to tackle this?

PS: There is one limitation on what I can do; the database is legacy and used by other software, so renaming the table would be 'problematic' at best.

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In general, there is nothing wrong in reusing the same name, while putting it in a different namespace to avoid confusion and name collisions.

I don't know Python, but from I've seen right now from Google, there are modules and namespaces, given that your data access layer would probably be a module.

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yes, there are namespaces in Python, so it's possible. But are there conventions that dictate class names to prevent duplicates, or is the proper way just to use a duplicate class names and use the namespaces to differentiate? –  Rico Suave Apr 29 '13 at 8:04
IMO, keep the names the same. But MetaFight suggestion is valid too, unless you end up with names like ReminderBusinessRulesFactoriesCollectionDataAccessInitialization. –  MainMa Apr 29 '13 at 8:57
If the namespace makes it clear what the class is for, then I see no problem in keeping the class names the same either. After all, then end goal is that the code be readable and self-documenting. –  MetaFight Apr 29 '13 at 9:32

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