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I am a programmer and looking for good sites for reading/learning/glancing. Example:

  • I follow TechCrunch and similar sites
  • I follow blogs of some programmers/major companies that interest me
  • I use 'related:' google search for relevance as much as possible.

But here are some problems I face which I want to remove:

  • Sites like TechCrunch, arstechnica are simply 'Big News' sites.
  • I cannot search for a blog of my interest unless I 'stumble upon' it in a sense. ( There might be some good blog sharing my interest which everyone is following for past decade and I've no clue about it)
  • Related google search is sometimes a bit too related

I am looking for a way to find the good sites related to programming, computer science, embedded, DIY projects (in CS and robotics) which includes news to blogs to showcase projects.

Or in a similar way, I need to find a complete list of active programming contests, find new programming languages, crazy projects/ideas, news and new startups-showcase to explore.

I understand that there's no single shot tool/method for doing this but I want to be as closer as it can get. In a single line, I am looking for a much broader, global and at the same time relevant scope.

Also I want to ask two more questions regarding this,

  • Is there any present-day directory service(like outdated google directories) that might help? if not, why not?
  • Where can I post this question to get the list of such sites from experienced programmers/web/tech enthusiasts like the users of this site. ( like everyone share on same page or vote up or something! )

Pardon if this is too lengthy.Please feel free to edit my post if necessary. I hope I conveyed what I wanted to say. Please ask if unclear, I'll try to clarify at my best. Thanks in advance.

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so..many..questions in one post 0.o –  RhysW May 2 '13 at 14:14
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