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I have some projects that I do not wish to be viewed publicly (some of them are school course work), but I want to show them to my potential employers. Ideally, I would be able to generate some links that expire after certain period. I am guessing I can do this with Dropbox's public link where I put the link to the code on the resume and then I delete the folder after some time via crontab, but I am wondering if there are better options. I do have accounts on github and bitbucket.

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Writing an answer since I can't comment.

Using a private repository on github would be a good idea, but that costs money, bitbucket provides free private repositories. (Unless you are already a paying customer on github).

I don't know any services that provide anything like this, the best idea would be your own idea of using cron or a private bitbucket repository.

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GitHub has private repositories where you can invite collaborators. These collaborators can access your otherwise private and hidden repos.

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