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Recently I acquired support for an existing live system. The system is so BUGGY and every single change would break something else.

I am struggling to manage my time/effort between adding new features(long queue there) and fixing issues.

The real problem is the code maintainability, its very very hard to add the new features using the existing code.

How do people manage these problems with the client who keeps sending P0 issues and wants to add tons of new features.

note: I didn't mention the code re-factoring which sometimes is required for optimization (talking about 5-10x faster!!)

your comments are appreciated.

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Contact client, tell him that his code sucks, send him an invoice that clearly shows how many hours where necessary for maintenance, code correction and implementation of new features. But #1 priority is communication with client. What does he say so far? After all you should give him an time estimate for new features and then you can add the maintenance and debugging to this estimate. –  thorsten müller May 17 '13 at 10:10
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