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First of all this is not a comparison between the languages. So I've asked a question before telling that I am a beginner programmer (hardest thing done is a chat server/client when I was reading about threads, and I've used twitter api, which is somehow very easy.). My goal is to become a better programmer and understand more things since I'm only 14 years old. I read that learning c++ will make me understand more things in programming, and help me in future becoming a better programmer but, I think, at the moment, that I'm improving in c#, creating more programs and enjoying... do you think I should continue and become better in c# and java and forget learning c++ till I go to the university and I will be forced to learn c++? Personally I think I'm wasting time in c++ focusing more on theoretical things rather than programming itself.

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If you enjoy programming c#, then that is what you should do. You could go through your whole life and never need to learn c++. That wouldn't make you a bad programmer, just a programmer that doesn't write c++

If you want to become a software developer, you are already in a very positive and lucky position. To have found a career choice you enjoy and feel motivated to persue. You will pick up and learn all the theory as you go along. You will come across problems that make you see things differently and learn more, which will evolve you as a developer. I wouldn't say you need c++ for that.

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Your 14, do what you enjoy, the rest will follow in time.

If you enjoy coding in general just go in the direction that you find yourself pulled to. If Java and C# do that for you than continue with that. If you see you interest dropping, then pick a new language or framework to work with. Maybe c++, or maybe python or ruby.

The point is that the language you code in does not really matter, you can learn something new from all of them. So don't worry about it at this point. Since I have graduated college, I have coded in Java, C#, and only recently c++ for work. In my spare time I try to pick up others for the learning experience, such as python and haskell.

And hats off to you for pushing yourself at such an early age, you will be better for it in the future.

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