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I am trying to come up with meaningful names for the components of a data management system that user's see.

The main user facing parts are the reporting side of it, and also the data entry/browsing side of it. There are some fairly distinct domains of data that are dealt with, and the business users are on board with the idea of prefixing the domain name where appropriate. So if I was creating a data management system for a farm, then I might have Livestock, Crops, Employees.

I am really struggling though with naming the portal which users will use to navigate the data and edit the data. This would be the front end for the operational system. I see often software packages use the domain suffixed with "Information System", such as "HR Information System" or in this example "Livestock Information System" or Management System. This seems really wordy and doesn't really convey to the average user that this is used to edit data, and browse the data. When I say browse, think of an HR system where you might browse through departments, and then select an employee, and that employees manager, etc. Very interactive view of the data, but if you have permissions you can edit it. So "Livestock Browser" or "Livestock Navigator" doesn't really describe the editing capability.

Every name I've come up with, I am taking the step of imagining myself saying to the user "Well if you want to see/edit that, then you should go to the 'Livestock Management System'", and to me that just sounds unintuitive to the average user. Additionally, it is vague enough that it could be used to refer to the entire system which includes reporting as well, so it is ambiguous.

Of all the different components of this system, this name I think will be the most important because it will be the most common component that users will see the name of(as opposed to back end components where I can live with a bad name). I don't want to pick something that makes me feel arrogant/smug everytime I mention the application to a user :)

What I've considered so far:

Livestock Editor

Livestock Access

Livestock Navigator


Livestock Info/Information

Livestock Data

Livestock Manager

Livestock Management

Livestock Command

Livestock Tracking

Livestock Administration

On any of the above also considered:

-Suffix Suite? "Livestock Tracking Suite"

-Suffix System? "Livestock Tracking System"

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas for a better name?

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Why not just call it, "The farm?" If it is a model of a farm, this seems like a logical way to just name it and not try to get fancy about it.

For a web front-end, you could just call it "data.mycompany.com" as this is a view on the data and not some other kind of area. I consider this separate but possibly useful if you do decide to have a web UI at some point.

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+1 for keeping it simple –  Larry Coleman Nov 20 '10 at 14:50
Most users who deal with one domain do not deal with other parts, so I want to give the front end that deals with Livestock for example, a distinct title. Second, if I called it "Livestock"(which I did consider :), then any documents or discussions would always have to add a clarification of "the Livestock data management portal" or similar, so that it doesn't get confused with referring to actually cattle, rather than the data entry front end. Context can help, but often both the real entities, data that represents them, reports, and data entry portal will be discussed at the same time. –  AaronLS Nov 21 '10 at 5:29
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Just slightly tongue-in-cheek but I think you need a catch-all title "Sh*t Kicker" for the ONE person who ends up having to do every job that the assigned people won't do.

Of course management and HR will freak over that name, but everyone else who actually does work on the system will love it.

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