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I serialized lambda expressions in C# before. Now I wanna use F# instead of C# for serialization and deserialization.

I heard F# is better in this area. Is it true? How can I do that with F#?

I’d appreciate even if you just suggested a correlated link.

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can you collect all possible lambdas in a single array (statically)? if so just serialize the index in that array – ratchet freak Jun 25 '13 at 11:39
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I heard F# is act better in this area. Is it true?

Yes, the F# Expr type is marked as [Serializable], so you can use for example binary serialization with it. On the other hand the C# (and VB) Expression is not [Serializable], so to serialize it, you would either need to write quite a lot of code yourself, or use a library for that.

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